Nanotechnology and Eschatology

What's Next: Nanotechnology in Manufacturing

An Autodesk Technology Forum presentation, since reprinted in numerous publications. A chapter in The Autodesk File.

Nanomechanical Fusion Machines

Cold fusion? Nanotechnology? Why not both, at the same time! This paper presents a wild-ass speculation about an extremely improbable energy source.

Tipler's Physics of Immortality

A review/rant about Frank Tipler's 1994 book, The Physics of Immortality.

Millennium Screen Saver

Inspired by the Chris Carter drama series, the Millennium Screen Saver counts down the days remaining until the apocalypse of your choice—perfect for Millennium fans and programmers engaged in the struggle against the forces of idiocy to avert catastrophe when date fields overflow. Both a ready-to-install screen saver for 32-bit Windows and source code are available. New version 1.2 is compatible with dual screen configurations on Windows XP, saves preferences in the registry individually for each user, and counts down, by default, to Black Tuesday, January 19th, 2038, when 32-bit signed Unix time() values go negative.