Exhibiting at both of these shows was quite an accomplishment. CADCON and CPM-83 were scheduled in the same week. We loaded all the company's computers into a station wagon, and Greg Lutz and I drove to Anaheim and set up the equipment for CADCON at the Disneyland Hotel. Greg, Mike Ford (who flew in late that night), and I shared a room at the Disneyland Hotel. We manned the booth for the show, then tore down everything, loaded it into the station wagon, and drove through the night back to Kensington (near Berkeley), where we dumped all of the equipment in Greg's garage at 4 A.M. The CPM-83 team arrived there shortly thereafter, retrieved the equipment from the garage, and set it up at CPM-83. That show opened the next day, staffed by a team including those who had just awakened after sleeping off CADCON.