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Information Letter 8


The press of working flat-out on AutoCAD and trying to run Marinchip at the same time began to tell on Dan Drake and myself. This brief note was the last Information Letter for well over a year. As the pace of activity in the company accelerated, verbal communications over the telephone, via the MJK teleconferencing system, and at the monthly meetings supplanted written summaries.

Autodesk, Inc.
Information Letter # 8

by John Walker
Revision 2 - July 25, 1982

    This information letter is to suggest a new participant in the company, Stephanie Nydell. Her participation letter is attached, which details her background and interests.

Those of us who are ISD old-timers don't have to be told that Stephanie would be an excellent addition to the company. She would be able to immediately get to work on documentation production, and having written manuals for a competing CAD system, is eminently qualified to tear into the MicroCAD manual. Also, she can become the nucleus of our customer support operation, having experience in that at both Nicolet and at Information Unlimited Software.

All the rest of the details are in the letter, so read it. Stephanie will be at the August 1 meeting, so you can talk to her and ask any questions you might have at that time. Assuming there's no objection, we can bring her into the company shortly after the meeting in the long-delayed option issue.[Footnote]

Editor: John Walker