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August 1982 Meeting


As the company moved from organisation to operation, communication which had previously been conducted through the Information Letters moved more and more to verbal communication at the monthly meetings of participants, as well as ongoing telephone communication among project teams and messages on our teleconferencing system (``MJK''). Dan Drake inaugurated the publication of summaries of the monthly meetings with this document.

This was particularly eventful time. The decision to scrap the QBASIC version of Autodesk and begin rewriting it in PL/I was made. Development of the initial version of AutoCAD was coming to a close; we decided that versions would be developed for the Scion Microangelo, IBM PC, and Victor 9000, and that the initial price would be $1,000.

August General Meeting

by Dan Drake

The August general meeting was held on Sunday, August 1, 1982, at Jack Stuppin's house.

The meeting was called to order at 1:10. All company people in the Bay Area were present: Dan Drake, Mike Ford, Dave Kalish, Duff Kurland, Mauri Laitinen, Greg Lutz, Keith Marcelius, Hal Royaltey, Kern Sibbald, Jack Stuppin, and John Walker.

Editor: John Walker