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AutoCAD Wish List


We'd always hoped that once we got a product into the market, our customers would direct our development efforts through their requests for enhancements to the product. We couldn't have wished for a more energetic, imaginative, or vocal community of users. After six months of shipping AutoCAD, the lists of requests for new features were growing so long that we decided to get together, merge all of our private lists, and try to sort them by size of the job and importance of the feature. Duff Kurland prepared this first-ever AutoCAD Wish List from his notes of this meeting. Duff continued to be the keeper of the wish list for several years thereafter.

Any doubts about the veracity of our claim ``our development agenda is taken directly from the list of user-requested features'' can easily be dispelled by comparing with wish list with the features in AutoCAD releases up to the present day. I've added annotations in italics listing the release in which each item was eventually implemented.


AutoCAD Wish List

by Duff Kurland
Revision 0 -- June 10, 1983

Editor: John Walker