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John Walker's Business Plan


The organisational problems alluded to in the notes from the June meeting continued to plague the company. It was clear that we could no longer function free-form. We needed a structure to organise all of the tasks that were underway, and a budget to help us deploy our growing, but still meager, financial resources.

I wrote this proposal in an attempt to specify a structure that approximated how the company was, in fact, already operating. It was never formally adopted, but what actually happened was not very different from what was envisioned herein. This is not a ``business plan'' in the venture capitalist sense; instead it was intended as a plan to develop the business, not raise money for it.

Autodesk, Inc. Business Plan

by John Walker -- June 23, 1983
Revision 3

It is my feeling that the problems that beset this company are of such urgency that immediate action is required, with or without an agreed formal business plan. Herein I will discuss the actions I see as needed. I make no claim that I have prepared the requisite forecasts to back up the figures I use--they are pure seat of the pants numbers based on my gut feelings of where we are and what we can risk.

Editor: John Walker