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July 1983 Meeting


Sales continued to build and the July meeting reviewed the progress of a company clearly on the rise. Focus had shifted entirely to AutoCAD, more and more founders were coming onto the payroll, and the negotiation of sales and marketing agreements came to the fore as we tried to secure a stable base of revenue without compromising our freedom of action in the future.

This meeting marked the end of the original style of managing the company through monthly meetings of founders. As more and more new employees were hired, sales volume increased, and the action came to centre more and more on the office, the key management meeting came to be the weekly status meeting in the office. This was the last monthly founders' meeting. The next time the founders gathered to review the progress of the company was more than two years later, after the public offering, on Moon Day, 1985.

Autodesk, Inc.
July Monthly Meeting (July 9, 1983)

by Kern Sibbald

Editor: John Walker