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Information Letter 3


Information Letter 3 was the first to delve into the gory details of how the company was to be organised, capitalised, and run. Dan Drake wrote this information letter after consultations with Robert Tufts, a San Francisco lawyer to whom we were introduced by Jack Stuppin.

MSP Information Letter #3

by Dan Drake
March 2, 1982

The Organization Plan which is included with this mailing is the proposed plain English version of our plans. On Sunday we hope to reach agreement on the real thing, which we'll get written up by legal counsel. If we don't run into any snags at that point, we'll go ahead with forming the corporation.

At this point I ought stress that I am not now, nor have I ever been, professionally qualified to give financial or legal advice; I don't think that there are substantial errors of fact or law in this paper, but there may be.

Though this is a corporation rather than the limited partnership that we favored at first, the organization plan in general is very close to what we talked about on January 30 and what people expressed in their letters. There has been a change in the plans for getting computers, but the change should have little practical effect.

Editor: John Walker