Sevastanyov was manager of the Soviet lunar mission training group in 1967, and flew on Soyuz 9 in 1970, and Soyuz 18/Salyut 4 in 1975. He actually flew into space only twice, although he was a crew member of three separate spacecraft in the course of the two mssions. During his career he spent a total of 80 days, 16 hours, and 19 minutes in space. Sevastanyov was a member of the back-up crew for the original Soyuz 18 which failed to reach orbit on April 5, 1975 (the cosmonauts made a safe emergency landing near the Sino-Soviet border). The back-up crew, Sevastanyov and Pyotr I. Kilmuk, were assigned to the successful re-flight, also designated Soyuz 18. -JW