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Len Rand on the MES Acquisition

  Comments from Len Rand, VP of the AutoCAD division, to accompany MES acquisition news release:

``I have great news for you and Autodesk in general. We acquired Micro Engineering Solutions (MES) Inc., (see accompanying news release and Q&A).

Autodesk acquired MES, a leading developer and marketer of manufacturing CAD/CAM software, because we wanted to strengthen our 3D modeling, design, and manufacturing capabilities. One of our main CAD strategies is to become a major player in the MCAD market, a significant and fast-growing market, and MES provides us with a lot of ammunition to take advantage of this tremendous opportunity and really give the competition a run for its money.''

  Today, Ken Spenser, president and CEO of MES, said: `People need to recognize this acquisition is more than just a purchase--it represents a commitment to supplying world class MCAD products to customers worldwide.'

Situated in Novi, Michigan--the heart of the U.S. manufacturing industry--MES is a privately held, five-year-old company that is recognized as a quality supplier of MCAD software. The founders of the company are from GM and the relationships they have built in the automotive industry are very strong. In addition, the 50 employees not only share our vision for our future role in MCAD, but they also have a similar culture to ours and will be great to work with.

We welcome this addition to the Autodesk team. MES will continue to work in Michigan, and we invite you to send your warm greetings when possible. On behalf of Autodesk, we are sending MES a videotape--a welcome from the management team--as well as a case of champagne (plus, of course, some T-shirts).

Please join us in making them feel at home here at Autodesk.''


Editor: John Walker