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Press Release

The following information was released today, Friday, October 16, at 1:15 p.m. PDT:

For Release at 1:15 p.m. PDT

Micro Engineering Solutions Joins Ranks of
Leading PC-CAD Software Company

SAUSALITO, Calif.--October 16, 1992--Autodesk Inc. announced today that it acquired Micro Engineering Solutions (MES) Inc., a leading developer and marketer of manufacturing CAD/CAM software. MES, based in Novi, Michigan, provides sophisticated 3D surface modeling and manufacturing technology to various industries, including the automotive sector. Autodesk, with revenues of $285 million, is the sixth-largest PC-software company in the world and the producer of the worldwide de facto standard in desktop CAD--AutoCAD(R) software.

``The acquisition brings together two companies who have complementary strengths. Autodesk gains the expertise and technology of a proven performer in the mechanical and manufacturing markets while MES receives the benefits of our established worldwide marketing support   and distribution channels,'' said Carol Bartz, president, CEO, and chairman of Autodesk. ``Together, we expect to become a major player in the MCAD marketplace.''

Currently, MES product distribution is focused on the company's existing distributor relationships in North America, Germany, and Asia. The two companies are developing a program for increased U.S. distribution and coverage throughout the rest of the world.

``MES's technology is based upon sophisticated manufacturability requirements,'' said Len Rand, vice president, Autodesk's AutoCAD division. ``We will deliver technologically superior engineering solutions that address the entire product development process from conceptualization through manufacturing, emphasizing design-for-manufacturability. This acquisition is the catalyst for Autodesk's Mechanical CAD strategy and will reinforce Autodesk's reputation as the value supplier.''

Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed. According to Bartz, the approximately 50 employees of MES--a five-year-old, privately held company--will continue to work out of their Michigan offices.

MES has been a Registered AutoCAD Developer since January 1992. The underlying technologies in both companies' products are complementary.

``This acquisition is an example of Autodesk's ongoing commitment to provide `best-value' solutions to its customers,'' said Ken Spenser, president and CEO of MES. ``While Autodesk clearly possesses the financial resources to create much of the technology we provide, I believe the company deserves great credit for building its presence in this market by acquiring our proven technology and people that are already closely tied to applications and end users.''

``We're excited about the future because of the strong technical fit between our respective product lines and the strong cultural fit between our employees,'' Spenser continued. ``People need to recognize this acquisition is more than just a purchase--it represents a commitment to supplying worldclass 3D CAD/CAM products to customers worldwide.''

Currently, through its open-architecture DOS- and UNIX-based SOLUTION 3000(R) product line, MES provides:


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