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Does This Sound Familiar? 4

Have you heard of the ``Microsoft Developer Network''? I'm a member. Walk around and ask random programmers if they are as well (either company-paid or on their own account). There are 45,000 members as of the last time I looked, and I suspect the ranks are swelling rapidly. If you're a remotely serious Windows developer, you simply cannot afford not to join, because it's the only effective way to receive massive amounts of source code, internal technical documentation, beta copies of soon to be released Microsoft products, special development, debugging, and authoring tools, etc., etc.

How does it work? Well, it's a, er, subscription. I mail in a check for US$200 per year, and every 90 days they send me this, er, CD-ROM filled with 600 megabytes of ever-changing goodies. And as long as my subscription is current, the bits just keep on coming.

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