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Press Release


New AutoCAD LT Addresses Market Needs

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.[November 2, 1993] At a press conference today, Autodesk, Inc. introduced AutoCAD LT, a powerful, low-cost, Windows-based computer- aided design (CAD) package, offering a wide range of 2D and basic 3D drafting capabilities. AutoCAD LT software provides full data compatibility and seamless interoperability with AutoCAD software, the world's leading desktop CAD package.

  ``The advent of Windows makes CAD available to a broad new range of users. AutoCAD LT is ideally suited for architects, designers, engineers, field professionals and managers who need a powerful, standalone CAD tool, but not the advanced features, or robust development platform of a more comprehensive package like AutoCAD,'' said John Lynch, vice president, Product Development Group, Autodesk.

``Today Autodesk has more than 900,000 AutoCAD users with over one billion drawings, making AutoCAD and the AutoCAD .DWG file format a worldwide standard.

With AutoCAD LT, designers and engineers across many disciplines can take advantage of CAD and the AutoCAD design community more quickly and easily than ever before. And they can do it cost effectively,'' added Lynch.

AutoCAD LT provides a wide range of design and drafting tools, including entity editing and hidden line removal. In addition, with its native .DWG file format, AutoCAD LT conforms to the AutoCAD standard and provides users with a natural migration path to the advanced capabilities of AutoCAD software.

  ``For new users, the Windows interface and simplified command structure of AutoCAD LT help shorten the learning curve to quickly bring the power of CAD within reach,'' said Cary Fulbright, director of Autodesk CAD product marketing.

``With its networking capabilities, AutoCAD LT is also perfect for designers and drafters who support the design process in large installations. For example, at existing AutoCAD sites, drafters using advanced AutoCAD features can easily exchange drawings with engineers and managers who just need a basic, yet fully interoperable CAD product like AutoCAD LT to monitor the design process.''

Key AutoCAD LT Features and Benefits

In a related announcement today, Autodesk also introduced AutoSketch Release 2 for Windows, an affordable, 2D CAD-based precision drawing package (see separate news release dated 11/2/93).

To meet the varying needs of users in many industries, Autodesk now offers a family of interoperable CAD products, including AutoSketch Release 2, Generic CADD 6.1, AutoCAD LT and AutoCAD Release 12, that range in price and functionality.

Pricing, Availability and Distribution

AutoCAD LT software will be available in early fourth quarter of this year, through Autodesk Resellers and the retail channel. The suggested retail price is US$495. Autodesk is also offering a US$129 promotional transfer price for Generic CADD customers who want to move to a Windows-based product (certain restrictions may apply).

Pricing and availability for international (including Canada) and educational products vary. For the name of the Dealer nearest you, call Autodesk at 800-228-3601. Outside the United States and Canada, fax requests for information to 415-491-8303 (Latin America) or 415-491-8398 (Asia/Pacific).

System Requirements

AutoCAD LT is available for 386/486 and Pentium-based PCs with a math coprocessor, MS-DOS 3.31 or higher, Microsoft Windows 3.1 or higher, minimum 4MB RAM, 10MB available hard-disk space, permanent swap file of 2x to 4x RAM, Windows-compatible VGA display, mouse and system printer or plotter.

Company Information

Autodesk is the world's leading supplier of desktop computer-aided design automation software. Autodesk develops, markets and supports a family of computer-aided design automation software products, as well as professional scientific and multimedia software products for use on personal computers and workstations. A global company since its founding in 1982, Autodesk offers products that are now available in 80 countries and 18 languages. Autodesk shares are traded on NASDAQ under the symbol ACAD. For more information on Autodesk, please call 415-332-2344 or type GO ADESK on CompuServe(R).

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