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Random Bits

  Does anybody know about WordStar? We need to figure out how the files work so we can fix DIFF to make change bars for WordStar files. Also, we should look at the product in general to see if we should use its conventions for control keys.

We're moving along with preparing professional looking documentation. At first, we'll be using WORD on the 9900 as our documentation tool, because we have it, we control it, and we can make it do the things we need done. We'll be installing an INDEX command and writing an INDEX postprocessor so all our manuals can be indexed. We'll install the commands we need to generate the control sequences for font selection, point size, underlining, etc., in the final output medium we use. We'll add Knuth's hyphenation algorithm from , with an override ability when you see that it's botched one.

  Richard Handyside told us about an outfit called ``TypeShare'' in Los Angeles which you dial up with your modem, send text with control information, and get back camera ready type. I called them up to get information, but haven't received anything yet. I hope the typesetting is faster. Other potential leads on services like this would be appreciated.

We're checking out the option of making the manuals for our stable products into hardbound books.[Footnote] What else conveys a comparable feeling of stability and solidity? From our initial checking, it's also cheaper than the little looseleaf binders IBM uses for the manuals for the PC. Keith Marcelius is running down this option.

We've found a distributor who seems to think we're a computer store and who will sell us most mass market CP/M and IBM PC software at pretty good prices. Check first if you need something, as we should be able to get a good discount on it. We haven't ordered anything yet, so this isn't a sure thing.

    Dan Drake is currently reading up on the Apple. At the moment this is pure research, but as there are so many Apples out there, some way to get things like Autodesk on the Apple might make sense sooner or later.[Footnote]

We're having stationery printed up. I'll be distributing it to people after it arrives, so they can use it for requesting information, etc. At the moment, the official phone number for AI is 383-2997, but don't use it to call me, as I'm always on the other phone and get very mad when 2997 rings.


  Immediately before COMDEX in 1982, Sun-Flex asked us to make a demo of house placement on a subdivision plan map. Roxie and I made this drawing one horrible night in November 1982. It was while making this drawing on AutoCAD-80 that I first really became aware that much more powerful geometric facilities were needed for professional drawing. If you really want to get a flavour of 1982 AutoCAD, try making this drawing without ever using object snap, arcs other than three-point, fillet, trim, or extend.

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