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Details--Things to be resolved

The following are things we need to pin down.

How much will it cost us to build the node board? How much should it sell for? What will be the problems making and testing it?

Who will do what in converting the software? What items are on the critical path? What other priorities are contending for the time of these people? What interest in the revenue from a piece of software will converting it earn?

How should the completed plans be best presented to dealers and OEM's? What is the best way to announce and advertise the products? What do we do about one-off user inquiries?

What exactly will be MS's role in selling Interact and PSA-developed software? Are EC and PSA prepared to provide full end user support? If not, how much will it cost MS to do so?

How can we use the conversion to the 68000 to make the next conversion easier? What should be rewritten in a higher level language now? What language?

Should we put OS's C on the 68000? Whitesmiths is supposed to have a C for the 68000 soon. Should we use it?

What about the INS16000? How about the IAPX432? Should we make node boards for them also? How real are they? Is software for them in demand? What pieces can we sell?

What is the maximum capital drawdown we can expect before we find out if this was a good idea or not? How long should it be until we know? If MS is putting up all the development money (and hence taking all the risk), what is reasonable compensation for that? What do we do if it doesn't work?

Editor: John Walker