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Where We Are and Where We Are Going

A month ago I had the feeling that the company was spinning its wheels and getting nowhere. Now I think that most of the problems we had getting under weigh were normal start-up problems, which are being resolved. Definite progress is being made on all of our major products, and we can see a clear path to completion on most of them.

We're still collecting the tools, hardware and software, that people need to get the work done. If you're still waiting, be assured that you will not wait forever (or even better, help us out in getting what you need). I'll try to summarise the major project status below.

We've established a more formal structure for the monthly meetings, patterned after the original Working Paper suggestions. This form (described in the attached minutes) will minimise the ``endless miasma syndrome'', and allow the gist of the meeting to be condensed onto paper for those who cannot attend. Furthermore, we hope that the new format will let everybody know exactly where every project stands and what everybody is doing. At the end of each meeting, everybody should know exactly what they should be doing, and how it connects to all other work in progress.

As originally suggested, after the formal meeting we can have technical sessions on the various projects.

Editor: John Walker