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Future agendas

For future meetings, as for this one, the corporate secretary will prepare an agenda and attempt to protect the meeting from creeping formlessness. If there's something that needs to be on the agenda, please send a message to Dan Drake or John Walker a couple of days in advance, preferably on MJK.

The agenda will include progress reports of the same sort as were given at this meeting. Reports should be well under five minutes long; anything needing more discussion will be taken up later in the meeting. With these and the written list of tasks we'll be able to keep track of what's getting done and what's slipping.

The task lists and time commitments will be published regularly.

  Here is the algorithm and schedule for monthly meetings:[Footnote]

The schedule for the rest of the year, therefore (excluding the Annual Meeting) is as follows:

Sunday, August 1
Saturday, August 28
Sunday, October 3
Saturday, November 6
Sunday, December 5

Editor: John Walker