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Autodesk Status

    Kern Sibbald has completed conversion of the cleaned-up original Autodesk to CB80 under CP/M. He has prepared an internal release disc of this test version to get comments on the user facilities it offers. Each person who has CP/M capability should have already received this disc. Kern is now defining the master database that will underlie the completed system, and implementing a mockup of the database so he can convert the program to use the new database routines.

In the process of converting Autodesk to CB80, Kern segmented the program into initialisation, screen, and command overlays. This reduced the maximum size of the program to a little over 38K, so we now have a comfortable amount of space in which to work, as opposed to the 9900 version which was teetering on the brink of memory insolvency.

As soon as a real appointment calendar is installed, we will have a CP/M demo version we can begin to show to potential distributors.

Editor: John Walker