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Other Items

  Everything else is moving ahead rapidly. MicroCAD-80 (the 8080 version in PL/I) is pretty much running now. The 8086 version has now been completely translated to Computer Innovations C, and Dan and Greg are compiling away and beginning to stack modules into a complete program. Greg has the graphics driver for the IBM PC finished. We've received the digitiser, and it's now running with MicroCAD-80. We finally received our copies of CB80, and they're on their way to the people working with CB80. We got a WordStar, MailMerge, and SpellStar at about 80% off list for documentation use and feature evaluation. Duff and Mauri have the memory-only version of the Window line database working, and are moving on to the backing file pager. Kern has the real appointment calendar in Autodesk, and is designing the database interface. A test version of Communicator has been put together by Peter Goldmann, and Rudolf Künzli will be completing a new version of the screen driver package shortly. We now have the information we needed on the 8086 relocatable format. The QBASIC86 project now has no obvious stumbling blocks, and is moving ahead. We've found two typesetting services so far which accept ASCII text, and we're comparing them and others to choose a way to produce manuals.

See you at the meeting.

Editor: John Walker