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Summary of Decisions Taken

Mike Ford will temporarily get a commission on sales, described in detail in the DECEMBER section.

Greg Lutz is on the payroll at $1,000 a month, effective January 8.

The board of directors is the same as last year, except that Mike Ford replaces Jack Stuppin. The officers are the same.

There will be minutes and an agenda for the meetings. If you have something that needs to be discussed, inform Dan Drake before Friday night, or be prepared to be gavelled down.

We will meet on Sunday, February 13 to figure out how to run the company. This is to be an all-day session, though we can't start it before 11:00 because of travel time. Bring your specific complaints, your general principles for running things, your specific ideas, and a readiness to volunteer for the grungework of carrying out the ideas.

Editor: John Walker