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Summary of Decisions

There have been manpower shifts as described above. AutoCAD-86 has a manager (Dan Drake), who should get all phone calls; the people doing technical work are to be left alone.

The advertising budget is an ad hoc $1,000 this month, to be regarded as an expenditure of working capital. A real budget will be allocated in a month or two.

There are specific policies for improving our handling of shows, in terms of coverage of the booth and handling of sales.


  The Solar System drawing was our flagship demo of the resolution of our floating point database and formed the centrepiece of many of the demos we did for venture capitalists in 1983. It was also the very first drawing I ever did on AutoCAD-86. I drew it in one afternoon on a Z-100 that I had just gotten to work with AutoCAD-86 (my first work on that version of the product).

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