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Odd Jobs

1. Odd Job List

Dan Drake will put out this odd job list on the Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday morning after each general meeting, if it seems to be doing any good.

2. Hewlett-Packard Contacts

Duff Kurland and Jack Stuppin will pursue contacts at HP to get us in touch with their plotter people. Dan Drake will do the same through GDL.


  Duff Kurland will try to get the Interim Graphics Exchange Standard from NBS.

4. Computer Faire Setup

  Dave Kalish, Mauri Laitinen, and Dan Drake will set up the booth on Thursday, March 17.

5. Computer Faire Co-ordination

  Roxie Walker will publish a schedule of work assignments for the Faire. She will also set up the mechanisms for selling things and taking orders.

6. Ethernet Links

    Dave Kalish will look into any plans that Apple and 3COM may have for supporting the Xerox protocol on Ethernet; we may decide to write such software if bigger people aren't already doing it.

7. Applescreen

Dave Kalish will get a 300 baud modem and get Autoscreen running on the Apple Softcard.

8. Burning the Boats

  Everyone in the company who hasn't done it already will send Jack Stuppin a letter giving the conditions under which he's willing to go to work full-time for ADI: the earliest time possible, the minimum subsistence pay, confidence in ADI's continued cash flow, or whatever.

Editor: John Walker