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High priority ``quick kills''

Alternate arc specification

The ability to draw an arc by specifying its center, radius, and start/end angles has been requested by users. This is somewhat embarrassing; that's the way we encode arcs internally, but the user cannot specify them that way. Other combinations, such as endpoints and included angle have been requested, also. 1.4.

Text size by length

This is the ability to select the text size based on the length of the field in which it is to fit. 1.4.

Layer-to-layer move

AutoCAD-80 now has a ``CHANGE LAYER'' command to allow selected entities' assigned layers to be changed. A similar capability is needed in AutoCAD-86. 1.3.

Standard drawing config setup

This item was discussed briefly, and I'm not sure what it encompasses. Discussion included the ability to select the size and resolution of a new drawing without prompting the user for the details each time. Two methods were proposed; selecting defaults via the new ``Configure AutoCAD'' main menu item, or allowing the user to specify the size using ANSI or DIN sizes with a default resolution. A more elaborate ``drawing type'' scheme was also proposed (see ``Questionable items'' below). Prototype drawings in 2.1.

Drawing header to DXF file

Drawing interchange files do not currently contain certain information about the drawing (insertion base point, etc.). This information is in the drawing file header, and should be added to the DXF file. 1.3.

XOR grids when possible

This would be a change to the display drivers (``dsdot'') to invert the pixel at each grid point, rather than simply set it. The idea is to ensure that the grid is visible even on a filled solid area. (Note: ``GRID ON'' will currently write a grid even if the grid is already on. This will have to be fixed first.) 1.3.

Change ``REDRAW ON/OFF'' to ``FILL ON/OFF''

This will avoid two areas of confusion, since ``FILL'' is a better description of the command's effect, and ``REDRAW'' won't perform different tasks depending on which key (space/return) is used to terminate it. 1.3.

Change ``RES'' to ``SNAP''

This should also eliminate some user confusion. 1.3.

Change ``P1, P2'' point prompts

The ``SOLID'' command should prompt with ``1st point:'', ``2nd point:'', etc. as documented. 1.3.

Change ``Cmd:'' to ``Command:''

User friendliness (eschew obfuscation). 1.3.

Enhanced HELP facility

I forgot to bring this up at the meeting, but feel it belongs in this category. First, ``HELP'' should be a synonym for ``?''. Second, we should support requests such as ``HELP CIRCLE'', which would display information about the CIRCLE command. I've already written an extended HELP file to support this capability. 1.3.

INSERT angle governed by ORTHO

If ORTHO mode is on when an object is INSERTed, the insertion angle should be constrained to 0, 90, 180, or 270 degrees. 1.4.

Stop using square brackets

Several AutoCAD prompts display the current value within square brackets. Unfortunately, these character codes are used for foreign language letters. We will change to angle brackets. 1.3.

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