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The meeting was held at Jack Stuppin's house at 1:00 P.M. The following people attended: Dave Kalish, Hal Royaltey, Jack Stuppin, Kern Sibbald, Mike Ford, John Walker, Roxie Walker, Keith Marcelius, Dan Drake, Greg Lutz, Mauri Laitinen, John Kern.

Before the meeting began there was much discussion about whether or not to hire a copyright lawyer. The discussion centered on how much it was going to cost, and most people seemed to dislike an open-ended deal. We agreed to hire the lawyer (I didn't get his name) to do a copyright or trademark search on AutoCAD. We also discussed hiring him to review a contract with AlphaMerics. The contract involves us gaining access to their extensive set of symbol libraries.[Footnote] During the meeting, Jack and Mike left to review this contract with the lawyer. AlphaMerics has an exclusive with NEC to package all NEC OEM hardware for CAD. We discussed AlphaMerics purchasing 200 AutoCADs in a year, 30% in 4 months starting Sept 1 at $450.00 each with a minimum of 10 per month thereafter.

Editor: John Walker