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Equipment List

Very few of you have sent me your hardware configuration so I am giving up on publishing a list of what we have. Thanks to those who did: Duff Kurland, Richard Handyside, Rudolf Künzli, and David Kalish.



The most famous AutoCAD drawing of all: Don Strimbu of Task Force TIPS in Indiana created this drawing with a very early release of AutoCAD. It's impossible to describe the impact this drawing had when he sent it to us: it was the first really complicated drawing that had been done with AutoCAD, and Don's cleverness in using block scaling to simulate perspective on the text and to mirror parts of the nozzle astounded us all.

We immediately began to use the nozzle as a standard timing test for machines. I joked at the time that someday people would talk about ``nozzle standard units'' instead of Whetstones--never did I think that would come to pass. The nozzle drawing and the actual nozzle were featured in our first four colour two-page advertisement, which ran in Scientific American in September 1984.

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