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More Marketing: John Walker

We are about to conclude an exclusive distributorship with       Jamal[Footnote] for ACAD-80 except for the Sony. Beginning Monday John Owens will be dropped as a distributor. Hopefully, Jamal will pick up support for Owens' customers. Jamal has sold 18 AutoCAD's to date. We are trying to approach Microsoft with some kind of graphics deal. ``After the     great Digital Research ripoff'' where they picked our brains--cuz they are working on a micro based CAD,[Footnote] they are now trying to exchange GSX for an AutoCAD. ``No way''. We can   get a Corona PC if we want from a dealer. We have an Otrona in-house.   Mike Ford suggested that we rename the company AutoCAD to avoid confusion. No one was really very enthusiastic but everyone did agree it would be much better to have the AutoCAD name really large on our display. Mike wants someone to go to SIGGRAPH.

Editor: John Walker