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AutoCAD-86 Report: Keith

  We hope to release the MS-DOS Victor with the HP driver on the 18th. The configurator release is set for July 29. We have a feature freeze in effect that roughly agrees with the current state of Duff's generic manual. We discussed manuals some here. Roxie is going to try to get the next one so it will lay a bit flatter. After some discussion on various bindings and size, everyone agreed to keep the same manual size and binding. We would like to schedule major feature releases every 60 days.[Footnote] The manual price is now $35.00 because SunFlex insists on a discount and we won't lower their price below the current $25.00. We agreed to continue to sell manuals at $25.00 if customers ask at that price since we have advertised it so much and don't have price change disclaimers on our literature. The single-screen IBM is working and almost ready for release (1 week).[Footnote]

Editor: John Walker