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The Entire Prospectus


Kelvin Throop was infuriated by the prospectus drafting process. He suggested we can the entire mess and use this prospectus instead. We didn't.

The Entire Prospectus

Draft 1 by Kelvin R. Throop -- 2/30/85 24:12

In the beginning CAD systems were overpriced, hulking boxes of hardware with the original nameplate pryed off and the name of some slimy greedhead stuck on.

Then came AutoCAD, a program that did all the same things on a PC for 5% of the cost.

Things got better. As they got better, we got richer.

Now's your chance.

Call toll-free 24 hours per day, (800) AI-STOCK. Visa/MC/Amex accepted.

Editor: John Walker