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Job Titles

  To: Technical Staff
From: K. R. Throop
Subject: Job Titles

Date: 1 March 1986

I'm growing increasingly concerned about the title escalation going on around here. It seems like every time we hire somebody we have to create a new job title to wedge them in the hierarchy without wounding somebody's ego.

This is hardly in the spirit of solidarity we shared when we marched in the Programmer's Strike For Parity twenty years ago.

Therefore, I suggest that we establish the following job titles for the technical staff, banishing ``Software Engineer'' to the darkness whence it came.

Enhanced Programmer
Super Programmer
Ultra Programmer
Virtual Programmer
Senior Programmer
Elder Programmer
Doddering Programmer
Intergalactic Exalted Cosmic Hyper Programmer

Titles shall be unrelated to pay, and shall be chosen by the employee.


Kelvin R. Throop
Virtual Programmer

Editor: John Walker