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AutoSketch: Not Insane

Autodesk Founder Announces New Product,
``Hurls Down Gauntlet To Other Software Vendors''

Sausalito, California, October 1, 1986.

John Walker, President and a founder of Autodesk, Inc., makers of the popular AutoCAD drafting software today announced that shipments of AutoSketch, the company's $79.95 drafting software were commencing.

``AutoSketch delivers, for only $79.95, far more capability for 2D drafting and design than the $1000 AutoCAD we were selling only four years ago. The software industry continues to lead all others in delivering value for the dollar, and we're proud to be both the value and performance leader in our market'', Walker said in a press conference announcing the event.

Concurrent with the AutoSketch announcement, Walker revealed that he had undergone a battery of tests and been pronounced ``not insane''. Walker said that he was examined by a panel of prominent Marin County psychiatrists, psychologists, faith healers, astrologers, and vacuum cleaner repairmen who rated Walker's sanity on a scale of 1 to 5. Mass murderer Charles Manson was used as the standard for 1, and physicist Werner Heisenberg was used as the standard of somewhere between 4.9 and 5.

The panel rated Walker as 2.6 on this scale, which Walker claims definitively demonstrates his mental soundness. In explaining why he was disclosing this information, Walker said, ``when you buy computer software, you have a right to know if it was written by a nutcase or not. Norbert Weenie, adjunct professor of cybernetic chiropractic at Ukiah Community College has demonstrated convincingly that software can drive you crazy. And software designed by a loonie can make you just as bad. Inspector Harry Callahan of the San Francisco Police Department confirms this, saying, `ever since that Goddam WordStar, you walk into one of the typist dives on Montgomery Street and say Control K, and it's worth your life'.''

Walker immediately challenged other CAD system designers to similarly prove their sanity. And if they don't, he added, ``well, then it's up to you the customer to ask `what do they have to hide?'''.

Autodesk, Inc. develops and markets computer software for technical professionals. Products include AutoCAD, AutoSketch, CAD/camera, and AutoCAD AEC. Autodesk stock is publicly traded on the NASDAQ national market system under the symbol ACAD. John Walker is privately traded between the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Internal Revenue Service, and the Franchise Tax Board under the symbol 217-50-0239.

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