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Marinchip Defeats IBM PC/AT In Benchmark



Mill Valley, California, Mayday 1986.

John Walker, President of Marinchip Systems Ltd., announced today that the Marinchip 9900-based PC/OT (Personal Computer/Obsolete Technology) resoundingly defeated the IBM PC/AT in an intense floating point benchmark, even though the PC/AT was equipped with the 80287 math coprocessor.

The benchmark was an optical ray tracing program involving primarily floating point computations, including evaluation of trigonometric functions. The Marinchip 9900 PC/OT executed the program in 69.32 seconds, while the IBM PC/AT took 93.79 seconds to execute the same program.

``Our PC/OT executed this real-world engineering program 26 percent faster than IBM's much vaunted PC/AT, even though our 9900 processor was operating at 2 megahertz, one third the speed of the PC/AT's 80286 CPU, and the fact that the PC/OT was emulating floating point in software instead of using a mathematics coprocessor. This benchmark vindicates our RISC (Rinkydink Instruction Set Computer) architecture, and clearly demonstrates the superiority of our proprietary QBASIC language for scientific applications.'', said John Walker.

The IBM PC/AT benchmark was run in Lattice C version 2.14, using the ``-P'' memory model (large code, small data). The standard Lattice 2.14 library was used. The results calculated by the Marinchip PC/OT and the IBM PC/AT agreed to 15 decimal places.

Commenting on the results, California Governor George Dookmayjeun said, ``It just goes to show you how a bunch of clean living Californians can beat the spit out of those drug-soaked greasy Florida scumbags. Look, I don't give a flying fork what you quote me as saying, but please spell my freaking name right!''.[Footnote]

Editor: John Walker