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New participants

  We have already received participation commitments from two of our overseas contacts. Rudolf Künzli of Basel, Switzerland has extensive systems and applications programming experience and will be helping with software development and testing as well as marketing our products in continental Europe. His expertise in languages will enable us to offer products that stand out by not speaking English exclusively. Peter Goldmann in England has   extensive experience in systems programming and data communications as well as the all-around experience common to those present at the meeting. We expect our dealer in London, Richard Handyside to become involved also in some capacity; we're pursuing several options at this time.

From our experience in MSL, we've found that the export market is very important, and I feel that these participants will give us an important start in marketing our products overseas, as well as market research and product customisation for these markets. Remember, the computer market in the EEC alone is the same size as the US domestic market. Ignoring it can cut your sales in half before you even start.[Footnote] Also, since software is considered printed matter, it avoids almost all customs hassles, so it doesn't really matter where your customers are.

Editor: John Walker