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Names, names, names

Speaking of MSP, the need for a name for this company has become critical! We also need names for the things that we're now calling Interact and Cardfile. It would be really nice if we could latch onto a neat little prefix, like Visi-, to distinguish our products. Please, please come to Sunday's meeting with a list of all the names you can think of, no matter how silly.

In the meantime, we'll probably have to print brochures for the Computer Faire, using Marinchip's logo and arbitrary names for the products.[Footnote]

The Computer Faire brochure for
"Cardfile", which had by then been
renamed "Autodesk", marked the first
public appearance of what eventually
became the name of the company.
At the time, however, we were still
calling the company Desktop Solutions.

John Walker
Editor: John Walker