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Goals of the Restructuring

At the highest level, the goals of this restructuring are: Making the company more responsive to opportunities in the marketplace.

Making the company more effective in strategic planning.

Giving diversification efforts the level of attention they deserve.

These goals are achieved through the following supporting goals of the restructuring:

Moving authority and accountability closer to the actual work. This makes the company more responsive to the needs of customers.

Shifting the company's focus from technical or marketing success to the life-cycle success of a product. This facilitates strategic planning for the product, and improves responsiveness by boosting the chances that the response will be effective. By focusing on the life-cycle success for new products from their inception, we also improve the chances for the success of new products, which is critical to diversification.

Guaranteeing that there is at least one person who is dedicated to the comprehensive success of each individual product. Again, this improves planning, responsiveness and the chances for the success of new products.

Removing upper management from the details of product planning, freeing them to focus on corporate strategic planning and selecting opportunities for diversification.

Improving communication between technical and marketing people on individual products; this improves responsiveness.

Giving people the authority to succeed, which again improves responsiveness.

Editor: John Walker