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Regular Meetings

To avoid the last-minute panic meetings which have characterised our operation through the organisation period, we've set up regular monthly meetings on the first weekend of every month, with the first meeting in June 1982. On even numbered months, the meeting will be on Sunday, on odd numbered months, Saturday (since neither day was preferable to everybody). Hence, the next meeting is Sunday, June 6, 1982. The location of each meeting will be set at the preceding meeting, and will be at various places to share the travel burden among the participants. The next meeting will be at Jack Stuppin's house in San Francisco (directions are in Information Letter #3).

The agenda of these meetings will be a review of company progress, product status, and other matters as described in the original Working Paper. We'll try to work the meetings so that technical sessions about specific products can be worked in at the end to aid people who are collaborating on products in getting together.

Editor: John Walker