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CPM Charts

Dan Drake has been playing with a CPM program called MILESTONE, which runs under CP/M. There are now charts for the four main projects: Autodesk, MicroCad, QBASIC, and Window. Copies were handed out to everyone at the meeting; people who weren't there should request any that they want to see, so that we don't waste airmail postage on many charts that no one wants.

The time estimates in these charts are not in any sense imposed deadlines; they started as moderately optimistic guesses, intended to avoid the most obvious pitfalls in the critical paths. Anyone who finds himself on an unreasonable schedule can submit better estimates for the tasks that he's involved in. Many of the guesses were corrected at the meeting.

Any project leaders who don't see the CPM charts as a waste of time will probably want to maintain their own. We can get copies of MILESTONE for anyone who has CP/M (80) capability. It's worth seeing MILESTONE run just to see a really well done menu-driven program.

Editor: John Walker