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Various business

We now have letterheads and envelopes. Business cards for everyone will be available soon, probably with the default company title of Product Development Manager.

  Dave Kalish has found a publisher who takes formatted ASCII text by phone and does typesetting and printing. We need to meet with him on technical details and prices. John Walker has a list of several publishers who accept some sort of floppy disc input (compiled from much-appreciated information from Richard Handyside and Peter Goldmann).

There was a discussion of the process of bringing new people into the company. The consensus was that anyone brought in on the same basis as the founders would require unanimous consent in some form. Assuming that the proposal had already been discussed, a final decision would not have to wait for a monthly meeting: management could poll everyone (possibly through the conference system on MJK) and proceed within a couple of days if there were no negative votes.

Editor: John Walker