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META is now running on the 8086 but has not been modified to give some features that the QBASIC compiler will need for compatibility with CB80. The corresponding compiler changes have not been coded.

Pass 2, the optimizer, now generates 8086 assembly language. Now that we have the definition of the relocatable format, QP2 must be modified to generate relocatable directly, as well as supporting the new CB80 compatible features.

The memory model is well defined, using the Large Model for 8086 addressing. Parameter passing is mostly defined, but not all decisions have been made.

Queue handling and buffer allocation are working. The floating point library is working after a pretty complete rewrite and will support 32 and 64 bit integers if we want them.

There is a large amount of work needed on the library, without enough people to work on it. This is also the most easily partitioned part of the product.

To get all the parts of the project moving, there was a general reshuffling of manpower. Dan Drake will do the compiler pass 1 and associated changes in Meta. Mike Riddle will rewrite pass 2 in C; optimization will be based on the current QP2, and the output will be relocatable. Greg Lutz will work on parts of the library.

We will have a working version for Victor at the beginning of October. The big question is whether Digital Research will get CB86 out before we get ours out.

Editor: John Walker