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Mainframe CAD Interfaces

While AutoCAD provides a total solution to the individual user or small office using CAD, users in larger corporations often wish to use their desktop workstations to develop drawings which are later combined with others' work on mini or mainframe CAD systems. Conversely, operators of expensive CAD systems wish to offload the large amount of routine work not requiring the power of the large system onto less expensive desktop machines. To meet these needs, and thus penetrate the corporate market for desktop CAD, Autodesk is developing a family of bidirectional translators which allow interchange of data with larger CAD systems. Translators for CADAM and Intergraph systems are presently available, with others under development. Autodesk believes that development of these translators is the key to establishing AutoCAD as the desktop CAD standard in major corporate accounts, and assigns a high priority to their development.

Editor: John Walker