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Compatibility status summary

The following is a summary of AutoCAD file portability as of the integration of this code.

Drawing files
Fixed to be compatible. All systems read both their own old-format files and the new portable files. All systems emit portable files.
ASCII files
Fixed to be compatible. Note that this causes the following file types to become compatible: HLP, HDX, SHP, DXF, DXX, MNU, PAT, LIN, PGP, MSG, LSP.
The virtual string file is compatible by design.
Compatible by design.
Fixed to be compatible. Systems can read their own old files and portable files. All write portable files.
Slide libraries
Compatible by design.
SHX files
Fixed to be compatible. Old MS-DOS files are portable. Old non-MS-DOS files must be recompiled.
IGES files
Compatible by design.
DXB files
Fixed to be compatible. Previously worked only on MS-DOS. Old MS-DOS files work without modification. [MNX files] Incompatible. A system must use menus compiled by its own AutoCAD.

Editor: John Walker