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Cyberspace Software

For initial explorations of cyberspace, software should consist of a toolkit which allows rapid prototyping of cyberspace environments. Because cyberspace is so new and the fundamentals of how one should interact with it remain to be discovered, we should attempt to prescribe as little of the interaction as possible in the toolkit itself, but make it easy for those who use the kit to define their own environments.

Autodesk has a large advantage in undertaking cyberspace software development. A cyberspace environment is a three-dimensional computer model, and Autodesk has a rich set of off the shelf tools for building and manipulating 3D geometry. As a result, the amount of software development specific to cyberspace will be limited--AutoCAD and AutoSolid can be used for modeling without modification, and appropriate AutoLisp routines and ``glue'' can be developed to create an effective utility belt for the cyberspace explorer.

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