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Autodesk's future

As cyberspace systems mature they will redefine the way products are designed and operated just as thoroughly as have graphics screens and mice. If we take advantage of our opportunity to lead in the development of cyberspace, then our products will be the first to incorporate it, our users the first to explore it, and our applications developers the first to apply it in the many industries they serve. This will give us a huge head start in building the first products of the age of cyberspace--the products which will define the common ground of interaction in that space and from which all latecomers will be forced to somehow distinguish themselves.

Our experience in the PC CAD market should have taught us the value of arriving first in an empty market. Our experience in playing catch-up in the 3D world and in upgrading AutoCAD's user interface is a testament to how difficult it is when you don't get there first. If cyberspace truly represents the next generation of human interaction with computers, it will represent the most profound change in the industry since the development of the personal computer. By helping to bring about that change, Autodesk can emerge as one of the few key players in the next phase of the industry's expansion.

Editor: John Walker