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Autodesk's decision

Autodesk can identify itself with one of the most exciting developments ever to happen in the computer industry, one which may define the entire shape of the industry for the next decade. I believe that effort required to do this is on the order of that we expend to bring a new product such as AutoShade or AEC Mechanical to market. We should have no difficulty in finding people interested in developing this technology and no problem promoting it once we can demonstrate its potential.

If Autodesk believes, as I do, that this technology not only holds the key to the next generation of user interaction but will first find applications in our central market, three-dimensional design, then Autodesk should apply resources to developing this technology commensurate with its potential. If we undertake this project, we should commit to it explicitly and allocate adequate manpower to get it done. If the project merits only the efforts of one burned-out programmer in his spare time, then it isn't worth undertaking at all. An ``Autodesk Cyberpunk Initiative'' which will yield results within four months and products within twelve is affordable, achievable, and appropriate.

Autodesk can pioneer cyberspace. We need only the vision to see the opportunity, the courage to break new ground, the decision to do it, and the will to see it through.

Reality isn't enough any more.

Editor: John Walker