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  One of the best selling utilities today is telecommunication software. Kern Sibbald has rewritten our TS utility from the 9900 in QBASIC, so we can convert it to CB80 for CP/M. To make it in the CP/M world we need to add lots of silly little features such as being able to do a directory within the program, etc. We'll also need to make it store a database of people, auto-dial by name, etc. My idea for how to distinguish it is to make it programmable in a simple language so you can preprogram dialogues for access to remote systems. That way you could code up a query access dialogue like the Apple Dow Jones program for any system and easily change it when the system changed. We would of course include preprogrammed dialogues for the most popular database services. The dialogue setup should be very simple--possibly something like PILOT might work--it's essential that an end user can develop dialogue scripts without calling us.

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