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  Mike Riddle reports that Microsoft's true compiled BASIC for the IBM PC is at least a year off. We can take advantage of large chunks of the work done to port SPL to the 8086 (if we go that way for MicroCAD) and also port QBASIC. This would let us slip in with an efficient version of the most popular business BASIC on the hottest new machine. It would annoy Digital Research immensely, but we're not doing anything wrong as our implementation has no connection with theirs. The current QBASIC could probably be ported to the PC in less than 1 month assuming the SPL port were completed first.

Again, this would be a general CP/M 86 product, not limited to the PC. We could also sell it on the IBM Displaywriter and any other CP/M 86 machine. As CB80 sells for the Z-80 at $500 and most CP/M 86 stuff is higher, we could probably get $500 a copy retail for this without problems.

Editor: John Walker