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Commodity Trading Package

    John Walker developed a comprehensive commodity trading package in 1980 and 1981 in QBASIC on the M9900. This package allows almost any function which would be required by a trader, and is easily expanded for custom requirements. There is no comparable package on a microcomputer. Jack Stuppin feels that there is still a market for this package, although there are several other well-entrenched competitors. I tend to agree, assuming that the package were moved to either an Apple or the IBM PC, and that superb quality user documentation were prepared (only the first chapter of the manual was written, and that was a real effort). The problems are as follows. First, there is no easy path from QBASIC to either of the ideal target machines (but see above project). Second, anybody who works on this package must first master the concepts of securities trading. Third, it would enormously expand the market for the package if it also handled stock trading (easy, as long as a limited number of stocks were handled, and you understood the differences). I understand the package, but don't have the time to finish it. I'd like to talk about it with anybody who is interested in it.

Editor: John Walker