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Incorporating Customer Feedback

How do customer requirements make it into products? This was a most popular question. The document ``The New Autodesk'' does not address it directly.

Indirectly, the new structure creates an environment even more conducive to incorporating user feedback than the Old Autodesk. Because of the closer ties that the PMs and GMs have to profit and loss, they have a stronger incentive to care even more about the customer's desires. This in turn means stronger incentives to establish strong lines of communication with those who are close to the customer (notably, the sales people). Meanwhile, the sales organization will have a dedicated point of contact for each product line, and that person will have a strong incentive to communicate as well. Finally, the sales people themselves will retain the strong incentives to communicate that they already have (namely, to have a product they can sell more of more quickly). Consequently, any successful GM/PM will establish forms of communication well suited to the needs of that product, both with our own sales people and with other sources of good customer information.

Editor: John Walker