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Service Center Guidelines

There are 2 kinds of guidelines that service centers may--or may not--need to do. One kind of guideline is the guideline describing the service center's process, so that remote organizations can use the same process even if they can't use the service center. Only organizations that have a certifying function need to prepare such a guideline. Those are the centers that uphold a corporate standard of some type.

The other kind of guideline is a submissions guideline, i.e., what should materials look like that the PMs bring for service? If a PM wants to break such a guideline, the appropriate response is not to tell him he can't do it, but rather to tell him how horridly expensive it will be to him if he does it that way.

There are organizations for which it really doesn't make sense to do either of these kinds of guidelines, such as the sales group, as an example.

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