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How much, and when?

Do you, or do you not, intend within 12 months to commit development manpower and promotional resources to AutoCAD which are comparable to those which Microsoft, Lotus, Word Perfect, or Ashton-Tate would commit to a product with similar revenue, margins, market penetration, and importance to the company? What are your specific plans, both in terms of staffing, funding, and schedules? What existing resources will you divert in order to achieve these plans, and what new resources do you intend to add, and when?

These are the substantive issues of IL14, the resolution of which a program of reorganisation was undertaken to address. I, along with the rest of your shareholders await the statement of your plans to address these widely-perceived problems. I, along with the rest of your employees await the clear direction we need to know what we should be working on, and the schedules we must achieve to carry out the company's programs.

If, in fact, it is your intention to continue the development of Release 12 with a staff which has actually shrunk substantially since the completion of Release 11, to fail to address the obvious, glaring holes in AutoCAD compared to virtually every one of its competitors, to assemble unambitious releases and then slip them from month to month, then I must tell you that is my intention to call you (the senior management as a whole) to account before the shareholders and ask you to explain why you believe such (in)action is justified and in the best interests of our company.[Footnote]

Editor: John Walker