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Throttle back immediate growth plans

The last thing we want to do is follow the usual high-tech company pattern of continuing to grow right into the crunch, then have to painfully reverse course and cut back. Now's the time to put a lid on hiring, shrink as appropriate by attrition, and lean down the organisation for uncertain times. It's always much easier to turn the spigot back on than mop up the floor after the tub's overflowed.

Based on my own personal leading indicator: the percentage of the job opening bulletin board in 2320/1 covered by paper, I suspect that such a policy is already in effect. Very wise--and appropriate until domestic sales growth resumes.

One of the reasons I'm uneasy about the campus proposal stems from the same source. I'm not sure where we expect the growth to come from that justifies the employment figures the campus is intended to accommodate. And how soon do we have to decide, particularly in a collapsing real estate market that appears to favour the patient buyer?

Editor: John Walker